The Coaching section offers the opportunity for one-on-one coaching where we can focus all of our time together on your specific needs and questions. I’ll walk right beside you through this journey offering support, encouragement and experience!

  • I wish I had a mentor to help me with my individual needs.
  • I’ve already started my business, but I’m struggling and need help from someone that understands and has solutions.
  • I want immediate answers to my burning questions!
  • Are there organizers that will let me shadow them on a job?


One-on-One Coaching | RATE: $75.00 per hour

The question we hear most often from people considering becoming a professional organizer is “can I shadow you for free on a job?”. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible due to liability reasons and client confidentiality.  However, Professional Organizer Boot Camp is similar to shadowing because in each on-demand course, I share everything I know about that subject (including the good, the bad, the ups and the downs) to better help you become the best organizer you can be!

If you’re interested in becoming a professional organizer, or need help growing your organizing business, and prefer one-on-one coaching that focuses specifically on your individual needs and goals right now, I can help!

One-on-one coaching provides immediate answers to your burning questions from someone  who has 10+ years of experience in the professional organizing industry. With one-on-one coaching, you get as little or as much personalized guidance as you need with goal setting, brainstorming, accountability, setting up business policies, working with clients, marketing and so much more! We’ll spend all of our time together focused on the areas that YOU need help with.

Purchase as many hours as you would like. We can use them all at once or break them up however you would like. Contact me via email or phone after purchase to get started!

Call 314-221-5232 or email Sue@SimplifiedLivingSolutions for more details, for one-on-one coaching or for marketing services!

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