Are you considering turning your love of organizing into a career as a professional organizer but you have no idea where to begin? Have you already started your organizing career but have found yourself struggling in certain areas? Do you feel like there is so much you don’t know? If so, you have definitely come to the right place!

The question we hear most often from people considering becoming a professional organizer is “can I shadow you for free on a job?”. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible due to liability reasons and client confidentiality.  However, Professional Organizer Boot Camp is similar to shadowing because in each on-demand course, Professional Organizer, Sue Anderson shares everything she knows about that subject (including the good, the bad, the ups and the downs) to better help you become the best organizer you can be!

Professional Organizer Boot Camp has the answers to all of your burning questions, needs and concerns with on-demand education that is accessible 24/7 and one-on-one coaching from Professional Organizer, Sue Anderson. The audio courses are geared for both new and existing professional organizers, but the information can likely be applied to most businesses. Pick as many or as few of the audio courses as you want.

The website is broken down into the following sections so that you can easily find exactly what you need.


The Basics:

In this section, I answer the following questions by providing the information, resources and forms that are necessary when you are just starting your career as a professional organizer, or are still in the “thinking about it” stage.

  • How do I know if I have what it takes to be a real professional organizer?
  • Are there resources out there to help me learn and grow?
  • What kind of forms and contracts should I use?


Getting Started:  

In this section, I answer the following questions by giving you practical information and guidance on the necessary steps to get your business set up, establishing policies and guidelines for your business and determining your fees to name just a few.

  • I love to organize but I don’t know anything about setting up a business!
  • How can I put policies in place when I don’t even know what they should be?
  • What are some of the basic essentials I should be sure to have in place when I start?
  • I’m not a brand new organizer but I have been “winging things” since I started my business. There is so much I don’t know!


Working with Clients:

In this section, I answer the following questions by sharing everything you need to know about working with clients, including what to expect from your clients, what they are expecting from you, managing their expectations, what happens at an assessment and so much more!

  • I know how to organize my own stuff, but how do I do it professionally for others?
  • What are assessments? Should you charge for them?
  • How can I make the time I spend with clients most effective?
  • I’m not a brand new organizer, but I haven’t had a lot of formal training. I need to sharpen my skills so that I can serve my clients better.



This section answers the following questions by sharing everything I know about effective marketing that can be done on a shoe-string budget. I always knew I loved organizing and was good at it, but what I didn’t know when I started my business was that I love marketing and I’m just naturally good at it too. I seem to get it. And I want to help you get it too! (Or, I can do it for you!)

  • How do I get the word out about my business?
  • How do I create an online presence for my business?
  • I don’t even understand the first thing about marketing!
  • I love organizing but I would rather outsource the job of marketing to someone else.



This section answers the following questions, needs and more by offering the opportunity for one-on-one coaching where we can focus all of our time together on your specific needs and questions. I’ll walk right beside you through this journey offering support, encouragement and experience!

  • I wish I had a mentor to help me with my individual needs.
  • I’ve already started my business, but I’m struggling and need help from someone that understands and has solutions.
  • I want immediate answers to my burning questions!
  • Are there organizers that will let me shadow them on the job?


Call 314-221-5232 or email Sue@SimplifiedLivingSolutions for more details, for one-on-one coaching or for marketing services!

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